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Advantage of project of immigrant of British new investment is distinct
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British higher education only then at 700 old before, wait for the advanced institution of higher learning that ranks world front row like university of Oxford, Cambridge, all through the ages is the great cause in begging scholastic heart, accordingly, the Chinese successful personage that pays attention to filial education more very much was full of to England yearning, but long-term since suffer from gives birth to a regret without more likely emigrant item.

British Home Office invests emigrant project at revising original England first half of the year 2006, new project provided the golden key of the door of open Europe for compatriots. Once roll out, exceed rapid cognizance rate and the eager attention that extremely simple document asks to cause elite of social all circles with its, the advantage that for this senior and emigrant expert Mr Chen Chaoxu elaborated project of immigrant of British new investment technically.

The lawful origin that invests emigrant project to ask the applicant explains place declares asset without the Canada of tradition of asset source requirement, Australia. British investment immigrant is had on this other a kind of any advantages that invest emigrant project to cannot be likened to, because this project does not have strict requirement to asset source, ask to offer asset to prove only can, formal requirement is very agile also.

Without be in business the Canada that administers experience requirement convention or Australian investment immigrant ask advocate the applicant has what at least 3 years above succeeds to be in business administrative experience, also mean advocate the company that the applicant must run a profit in the round exceeds 3 years, and British project manages experience to do not have any requirements to be in business, as long as year full 18 one full year of life can be made give priority to an applicant put forward England to invest emigrant application.

Can choose freely advocate applicant couple both sides is OK and optional one party is made give priority to an applicant to offer application, and, if the family is medium already year full the grown children of 18 one full year of life already studied abroad in England, can go to capital transfer ownership this children under one's name, make by its next give priority to an applicant to apply for emigrant England alone. Need only after application is successful advocate the applicant lives every year in England full half an year can.

Investment way is simple this project belongs to passivity to invest emigrant project, investment way is very simple. Means of two kinds of investment can choose for the applicant, the first kind: Invest 1 million pound to buy British government bond, by a definite date 5 years, can call in after 5 years total capital, can acquire the interest that invests fund place generation; The 2nd kind: Can choose financing loan way, pay 200 thousand pound to serve as accrual directly, can gain the status instantly.

Cycle of application of application cycle express is very fast, from the time that begins to hand over application to take living visa to have 3 months only to finally, short-term to those wanting that be in inside for the public figure that handles emigrant application, england invests emigrant project is before last undoubtedly to choose.
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