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England invests emigrant and common problem
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1, does immigrant of conduction England investment need what to data provide?

Answer: You need to provide a detailed commercial specification, this specification should include the following content:

Commercial end
Evidence proves you have capital of at least 200 thousand pound to be able to invest in England in this commerce
Evidence proves you will settle to already was in England the personage offers at least 2 full-time post, and the detailed condition that recruits them
The capital after forecasting this commerce to begin balances a watch

Besides, you still need to prove to be in England residence, you do not need to apply for any public support gold to maintain your daily life.

2, how long can I stay in England?

Answer: You will obtain by a definite date above all the visa of 12 months. After a year, the visa that you can continue to apply for by a definite date 3 years delays an autograph. According to pommy doctrine regulation, live to be able to be accorded with 4 years completely continuously in England other a certain number of conditions person, can obtain England permanent and resident qualification. When the 5th year, the applicant can apply for to join British citizenship, become British citizen.

3, after applying for to invest immigrant to come to England, what business activity can I undertake?

Answer: Individual trafficker
Cooperative business
The company is registered in England

Regard an individual as trafficker or cooperative business, you must full-time pursue trade or provide a service. As the trustee that registers a company, you must full-time promote and run this company. The doctor of proper motion practice and dentist also must full-time job. Full-time condition is right the writer of proper motion practice, painter or composer are not applicable.

4, application investment immigrant comes to England, do I need to apply for entry visa?

Answer: Yes. You need to be in England to be stationed in Chinese diplomatic mission to apply for entry visa before coming to England.

5, does application investment immigrant come to England need what to condition accord with?

Answer: You must accord with the following condition:

At least 200 thousand pound can invest some commerce in England. Money must be in your under one's name.
Additionally sufficient financing supports you oneself and family. Must not receive any public fund, perhaps be engaged in what investing the job beyond commerce.
Must full-time the trade that pursues an investment, no matter regard an individual as trafficker, cooperative business, or the trustee that registers a company.
In a planned way accuses according to this commerce, perhaps deuce with the partner share. Any trustee or partner position cannot be service concern essentially.
Can bear the debt inside your portion.
In a planned way provides the investment that England needs really and service.
Can get the profit inside your portion from inside what investing commerce, come the family that ability supports you and you.
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