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Elegant think of achievement to become pommy standard
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England carries out the new plan branch that is aimed at country of blame European Union to make land settlement policy since Feburary 29, elegant think of an exam to be approbated by the emigrant system with new England, as the measure that provides English level proof.

From Feburary 2008 the bottom rises, british Home Office begins to carry out a new plan branch to make emigrant system to be not European Union country. Apply for a link in the program as immigrant, applicant needs to offer the proof of level of its English language.

Emigrant applicant is 5 by cent in the system " level " , be aimed at the first level among them, namely the settler of highest skill level, wait like doctor, scientific worker and entrepreneur, according to now the regulation of British government, elegant the language requirement that considers cent and 6.5 minutes of 6.5 above to all accord with emigrant application.