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Australia 164 categories
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Australia 164 kinds of business migration also are obtain 4 years first temporarily resident visa, permanent resident can turn after building the business successfully 2 years to Australia, namely green card. Support the family of the commercial public figure of 164 visa, include oneself, spouse and children, can go back and forth between Australia freely inside 4 years, its children reads Australia public middle and primary school enjoys local student treatment. 164 kinds of applicants must be the senior administrator of the company, this category basically is the personnel application that holds the position of senior management post in bigger company for those, but do not ask the applicant has share in the company. What ask the applicant holds the post of a company normally is highest the post of 3 estate, be like general manager, vise general manager, main branch manager, post of financial chief inspector, what enlist a company is decision-making. This category suits to appear on the market particularly the senior administrator of the company, because appear on the market,the finance affairs of the company is open, when so the applicant submits emigrant application, need not use have financial audit, that is to say the applicant can be in a company emigrant application is submitted below the circumstance of unmanned know.