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Australia 163 categories: ?92 always is resided
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Turn 890 or visa of 892 permanent residents (green card) , but 890 visa have English demand to the applicant, satisfy very hard commonly get, all most applicants can choose 892 visa in the 2nd phase, the requirement of 892 visa introduces below:

After the applicant obtains 163 visa successfully, they must land Australia inside designation time, begin in Australia reach management business at least two years. The type of the business, industry, dimensions does not have the regulation of objective standard. In this one phase, of visa of the first phase advocate applicant and its spouse all can become visa of the 2nd phase advocate applicant (such advantage is can continue in China among them deal) .

The application condition of 892 visa

1.Applicant hold visa of the first phase (face house visa) .

2.In two years before application, applicant must visa of the first phase is in hold Australia accumulative total lives full a year.

3.The applicant needs to take Australia of a certain city or district government assure (action is but the English of exempt applicant asks) ;

4.In two years before the applicant is submitting application:
(A) ? The share of 10% is owned in a business
(B) ? The applicant's business all the time actively is being run
(C) shares the day-to-day management of the business
(D) applicant makes a decision, affect the direction of this business and outstanding achievement
(Statement of activity of business of E) all quarter must hand over Australia tax bureau.

5.The applicant is delivering 12 the middle of a month before application:
(Year of turnover of A) business achieve 200 thousand bay yuan
(Face of B) applicant full you asks 3 times medium random two:
This business employs a full-time employee (this employee needs is Australia citizen, Australia permanent resident, or hold of New Zealand passport person, and the domestic member that cannot be an applicant)
? The applicant is had in this business at least 75 thousand bay yuan possessory rights and interests
? The applicant is in Australian own individual property at least 250 thousand bay yuan (in including afore-mentioned businesses 75 thousand bay yuan) .

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