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"4 gist element " aid you successful emigrant Australia
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As the strong development of Australia economy, more and more Zhejiang businessmen abroad lock of poineering country of the first target decides Australia, gaining emigrant status is business of short for Zhejiang Province stands firm in Australia, establish the first condition of him commerce kingdom.

Connect Wang Zheng of director of international immigrant center newly to think, successful emigrant Australia needs to have the following " 4 gist element " :

Element one: Application category covers a range wide, optional choose room is big

Category of Australia business migration is covered wide, suit a crowd much. Wang Zheng says, the client that will connect conduction Australia newly to emigrate has business partner, senior administrator not only, still have investor of a lot of stocks, foreign currency. To these clients, if the condition can take green card directly very much, the requirement is general also can take 4 years first face house visa.

Additional, the requirement of policy of Australia business migration to material special accord with Chinese national condition. Examine to the origin of brushstroke capital especially, the applicant should say quiet capital source only, need not provide evidence. And if be in application process,happening of land settlement policy changes, to what hand over during existing policy application also won't have a bit effect.

Element 2: Commerce invests land settlement policy, what the government props up is beautiful

Because business migration policy was Australia to introduce many capital and outstanding talent, so each cities are opposite Australia new immigrant and investment give prop up energetically, offer a variety of services to the applicant completes application and do poineering work smoothly in order to help. For instance, australia government came on stage to support the new policy of emigrant investment south: Allocate funds by the government the allowance of business migration accord that to coming round this city invests, allowance amount will obtain 45 million bay money; Australia government will relax to assure to state government further on the west the examine and verify that case extends, invest in order to encourage more immigrant on the west bay, be in on the west bay investment does poineering work. Connect company and Australia newly to be stationed in China embassy is having long-term and good collaboration concern, the emigrant client that because this is new,tells is OK the up to date information that knows Australia land settlement policy in first time time.

Element 3: Choose equal emigrant opportunity

In addition, australia new immigration laws is promulgated from March 2003 already stabilized up to now carried out nearly 4 years, the application of Australia business migration is accelerated greatly in speed not only while, also maintained taller emigrant success to lead. But introduce according to Wang Zheng, because come nearly two years,Australia opens a door to Chinese business National People's Congress, chinese immigrant lands growth of year after year of Australia mainland number. Below such circumstance, bay state government may at future policy makes adjust inside 3 years two, in order to control emigrant number. So, the client that has emigrant Australia desire is best can know conduction immigrant procedures newly as early as possible, hold Australia of best opportunity success immigrant.
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