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Australia 163 categories: Close carbylamine Qiong
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1.Submitting application when, advocate the applicant's age does not exceed 55 years old (unless you plan to be able to be brought for place in Australian business advantageous, distinct economic benefit) ;

2.whole, advocate the applicant has successful commercial background;

3.In 4 the closest before offerring application financial year, advocate the applicant has two financial year to be in one or more enterprise at least hold not less than 10% share, and year of turnover of this enterprise obtain bay money at least 300 thousand yuan (be equal to 2 million RMB) ;

4.Obtain Australian state government assure (by me company assistance is dealt with) ;

5.Advocate the applicant has participate in directly manage reach administrative above industry;

6.Never had participated in the commercial activity that does not accept for Australia place or investment behavior;

7.Advocate applicant and its spouse must close to be had in all at least bay money 250 thousand yuan (be equal to 1.5 million RMB) individual asset, and can explain the lawful source of this asset.

If the applicant does not have share in the enterprise, but if can satisfy the following requirement, can apply for Australian business migration likewise with the identity of senior administrator:

The following two requirements advocate the applicant must satisfy among them:
(A) the record of formal schooling of the above of normal three-year institution of higher learning that has a full-time of 3 years of above, the working content that this major wants to be engaged in in the future with you is relevant;
(B) the relevant work experience that has 5 years of above

Still need to satisfy the following requirement at the same time additionally:
? (1) is in 5 financial year are medium in the past, hold a post in an enterprise senior administrator (for example general manager, assistant manager, financial manager) , the management that shares a company directly works at least 3 years (do not include afore-mentioned (B) experience of medium 5 years of works, in other words, if the applicant does not have proper record of formal schooling, need the administrative experience that has 8 years of above at least) ,
? (2) is in the random with 5 medium in the past financial year 3 years, year of turnover of the enterprise should achieve million at least bay yuan (be equivalent to about 6 million RMB) .

Other condition and the condition of afore-mentioned applicants that have company stock are same