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Australia 163 categories: Piao hole is climbed
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The condition is comfortable, need not abandon domestic business, it is the Australia visa category that fits Chinese entrepreneur most. In the meantime, we are in Australia professional partner, solve Wu of company, deal, duty and legal problem for you, buy room, children to go to school the trouble that waits for everything!

1.Without English requirement, do not have record of formal schooling to restrict;

2.Capital requirement is low, general medium and small businesses advocate can accord with a condition;

3.Application rate is rapid, usually 9-12 the month is dealt with successfully; If the applicant's condition is good, return the chance that can obtain riddance interview, the fastest two months win approval;

4.One person applies for, the family is emigrant, 18 years old of the following children enjoy Australia to be taught freely entirely, than pure send children to study abroad should economical much!

The applicant can join his domestic member in application, namely spouse, accessary children (it is to point to 25 years old normally the following, maiden, the children that does not have independent economy capacity) , with kin (in the home that this kin wants, without the spouse, can prove to rely on Yu Shen to ask a person) .