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Australian government concerns commercial technology immigrant and visa of long-term business affairs at was being revised on March 1, 2003 (independent poineering personage) byelaw. Pursueing new policy basically is for the change emigrate to choose to in 9 of Australia main city settles and invest more before, especially Xin Nawei the metropolis Sydney of Er person city, the resource that as a result introduces cannot separate the state of cloth on average. Main component is active category and policy program of two phase immigrant. The first phase is 4 years of resident visa. Go to bay hind, if they had been in the company that Australia is established or enlists certain dimensions to run an activity at least two years, perhaps be in bay investment already at least 4 years, and the between living requirement when it is resident and certain to be satisfied in Australia, obtain permanent resident visa possibly. Active policy still increased to be opposite advocate the requirement of applicant age and English. Without Australia each state government offers the applicant age that assure not to exceed 45 years old, need to attend elegant think of an exam, lowermost achievement is 5 minutes. Obtain Australia each state government offers the applicant age that assure not to exceed 55 years old, need not attend elegant think of an exam, and other condition also is reduced accordingly. The objective that pursues new policy has two sides, it is a hope firstly offerring each city that assure to settle for its through the applicant, make the fund that immigrant recommends and technology can distributing on average at Australian each district, and coordinate regional economic development effectively. On the other hand, assure through offerring, the applicant can build business affairs to seek advice with each state government as early as possible with connection, use local resource and information actively, build and form the commercial plan with strong possibility, increase the chance that applies for emigrant success greatly thereby. To prominent commercial public figure, new policy offerred the opportunity that files permanent resident directly for them not only, also make them at the same time more careful ground seeks successful and honest trade and investment opportunity.