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Bay will execute new land settlement policy to encourage business migration sett
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Emigrant minister Lei Duo expresses Australia 12 days, next year will implement policy of new business migration visa in March, settle Xin Nawei the Australia beyond Er person city elsewhere, the ability after 4 years can obtain permanent and resident qualification.

According to local media coverage, this plan general at next year in March become effective, government of its accredit state is in when admitting immigrant, have greater power.

Statistical number shows, every year about 80 thousand person emigrates to Australia. Government of Er person state expresses Xin Nawei, this city thes prefecture where the provincial capital is located especially Sydney has been accommodated without enough infrastructure and resource than at present more population.

As we have learned, sydney has nearly 4 million population about at present, 20% what hold mouth of entire Aomen's people about. And the Sydney of business migration choice of about 45% runs a place for theirs.

This plan points out, want to apply for to be Australia permanent resident, the applicant must be in Sydney, Bulisi the city beyond class and Melbourne, or except Xin Nawei the city beyond Er person works at least 4 years.

But be in south bay after with Dasimaniya so minor place complains the commercial adversary that cannot wait for big city with Sydney competes, australian government formulate this new plan.

Lei Duo says, this plan is federally the one part of more comprehensive policy. This policy does not encourage immigrant to arrive Sydney, Melbourne or Bulisi the big city such as the class, but encourage them to arrive for example south bay wait for local settle with Dasimaniya, offer more convenience condition for them.

According to new policy rules, the foreigner that should apply for business migration only does not go to Sydney or Melbourne, they will obtain business migration visa more easily.

At the same time he expresses, to attract more business migration, new orders extended to ask. For example, according to new policy, each state government can relax on the age or capital number condition, make applicant gets visa more easily.

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