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New program of Australia business migration will be carried out in March
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Australia immigrant ministry will announce in Chinese Hong Kong business migration is carried out since new arrangement next month on Feburary 14, australia immigrant ministry hopes to attract more foreigner to head for Australian villages and towns and low growth area to do poineering work.

New immigrant program will be executed on March 1, main component is two phase, above all major business migration will obtain hair by a definite date 4 years temporarily visa, after Australia does poineering work successfully, the applicant can apply for permanent and resident.

Australia official shows, below active policy, sydney of emigrant much choice, Melbourne 9 main cities are resident, the resource that as a result introduces fails to distributing on average.

This official does not wish to estimate fall in new arrangement, person of emigrant Australian Hong Kong can be denied increase, but admit Hong Kong to emigrate with identity of commercial technology immigrant Australian number, decrease considerably in recent years, by before 1997 about annual 5000 reach 6000, drop to the hundreds of people last year. And the emigrant application that Australia Hong Kong always receives a house to be received in recent years, criterion 7 into land of the home in coming from.