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American consul and Chinese applicant talk about the visa that go to the United
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Visa must be dealt with before Chinese citizen should go to the United States, if wish to apply for,a lot of people arrived, but also many people were signed many times did not sign, the interview that the person of application accepts American visa officer is very important close.

Is * interview difficult? *

China is the 3rd big country that goes to the United States to study abroad. The Chinese goes to the United States studying abroad or be to visit his family to must deal with the blame that goes to the United States immigrant visa, the interview in visa program is a link that all applicants pay close attention to most. Interview has been illogical cannot head for the United States, some people think visa speak to sb face to face of the United States is very stern, should obtaining visa from visa officer hand can not be a very easy thing. Some very easy feeling, and after carrying visa interview now, can obtain visa immediately.

* somebody expresses satisfactory *

Just obtained visa, a gentleman that goes from diplomatic and consular missions expresses, he listens to others to say before, visa interview is very difficult, but it is so difficult to be done not have actually, because visa official says with mandarin, do not need to chat with him with English. This gentleman that prepares to head for los angeles to visit a daughter admits, in interview when have bit of insecurity really, some places listen to not be clear about, the meeting in the heart feels nervous, nevertheless he still is satisfied to visa program.

This father that does not disclose a full name says: Visa is quite good still now, my age is older, when he has, conversation also listens to not be clear about, the article sign that our times learns is less, their sound also has some of space with mandarin, sound so give or take a lot of trouble a bit. Say to see for the first time again, much rarer dot is nervous, one insecurity more it is not quite clear to listen. Anyway you are very Orphean, listen to unidentified Bai Zaiwen.

* somebody longs to relax loosen discharged *

The surnames the Song Dynasty schoolgirl that has taken visa to prepare to love Ao Huazhou to take advanced courses to the United States thinks, wanting the person that goes abroad to study abroad or visit his family to did not obtain visa is the issue that makes a person very disappointed. She says she knows some students had obtained the evidence of I-20 enter a school that American university signs and issue, but American diplomatic and consular missions does not approve visa however, really too regrettablly.

This student that surnames the Song Dynasty says: It is should farther that I feel the United States is returned to visa policy of China improve, that is to say, loosen a few relax a few. Although the situation has been compared this year, but still have the father and mother that a few student studying abroads perhaps visit his family, basically do not have what reason and be dropped by refus, the family member that I feel this is in the United States to them still has what misfortune holds out for themselves.
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