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Recipe of success of visa of Australian New Zealand
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Mention of Australia and New Zealand study abroad visa, often have the feeling of turn pale at the only mention of sth terrible, the impression that gives a person is too difficult. Actually, because you were not had been to to Australia and New Zealand,this basically is, without the experience of visa, because this feels very difficult. Actually otherwise, the visa of all countries, especially country of the British Commonwealth- - the England, Canada, Australia, New Zealand English country that develop, its visa principle is basic it is identical. Wraparound rise to basically have the following:
1, sufficient economic capacity. This is first requirement, short of this, then you had better plan an outlet additionally, abandon going the thought of these countries. The standard of economic capacity is the holding cost that you have enough bank deposit to be gone to with paying you to be in. Of course, the flower is not spent is another thing. Australia goes reading a Master after graduating e.g. the university, general and due the deposit of 300 thousand above, and must have the deposit history of half an year. If go reading high school, general and due at least 600 thousand above deposits money. Go New Zealand, average budget is annual 100 thousand RMB.

2, good family and individual profession. Normally you need to prove you have better family and individual income in home, often be to have better job, or parents has higher social class.

3, curricular dependency. The course that you learn must have inevitable logistic connection with the educational circumstance before you and working experience circumstance.

4, the clear purpose after learning and plan.

5, careful visa data preparation.

6, the logic of all material. Around data cannot have contradictory place.

Look from literal, it seems that very simple. But real operation rises, a lot of places are operated very hard, especially the classmate that oneself handle application, because lack knows, often do not hold essentials, and duration is owed on the preparation of the data and sign by refus. If can a n experienced person gives directions, the meeting is quite helpful.

The student cannot accord with the condition of above, persuade her not to study abroad Australia and New Zealand. Company of a lot of representatives just had a 2 effect that spread a hand, be in charge of mailing only data, go thinking for the student far from, help student prepares a data. Go up in professional choice especially, consider seriously for the student far from, pursue easy only fast make money. Actually some people from be a mistake at the beginning, for instance everybody wants to learn MBA now, actually otherwise, to some people, with MBA visa it is impossible at all. Managed the person of experience than be engaged in for a long time scientific research is developed and be not being had like. The person that perhaps says one learns machine wants to go Australia study literature, from it is a mistake at the beginning. Want to learn what and can going is disparate thing. First thing is obtain visa and not be you want what to learn. This is the first issue that application abroad studies abroad. When after abroad, it you are willing what to learn is OK that you are willing what to learn, but the first pace is to step door going abroad now.
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