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Cut rumor of visa of solution United States: Because his individual be fond of,
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This rumor is the first rumor derive, when once people holds visa official,doing not have a standard. The be fond of of visa official, preference, the individual is met on relation horse the made visa official judgement standard of of course. This also is one of rumors that have Chinese distinguishing feature most.
We do not deny visa is the process that official of a visa makes a decision independently, this process gets inevitably the influence of setting of experience, knowledge and subjective element, be like a the most judicial magistrate, the element that also cannot cast off an individual completely undertakes judging. But, we have reason completely to believe, in visa official this locally, the their won't simple favor that is used to because of the Chinese perhaps slants good processing problem. In fact, the communication of visa official is the same as in us in, the result that we achieve is apropos and contrary " we will be vigilant all the more the influence of certain individual element to our visa result " , "If some visa person show to visa official especially other and close, be opposite for instance the praise of visa official home town, the connection of original to visa official school, we can adopt meticulous all the more examine and verify the setting of this individual, lest be thought by accident,made preference judgement. Lest be thought by accident,made preference judgement..
To the be perfected relatively and supervises system effectiveness acknowledge of American judiciary, also deepened our viewpoint from a few different flank. We believe, official of a visa, although stem from serious to him occupational, also will never make judgement because of his preference, outside making case to the element with him preference close however evasive.
Cut the rumor that dismisses visa official mood, the biggest gain is, visa person will OK begin to review oneself correctly, when producing refus to sign, because visa official mood is bad,do not consider as and made refus lot, perhaps encountered so called killer, these are the formidable enemy that we recognize visa correctly.

If you hope to persuade visa official, persuade oneself above all, is not the mood rumor that goes awaiting visa official:

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