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The refus of visa is signed and remedy
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Visa result no more than two kinds: Catch autograph or refus lot. After refus is signed, general meeting is in passport the seal of the diplomatic mission on last page lid, common says refus signs an order, visa did not grant in order to make clear this after this passport diplomatic mission is accepted. The account that diplomatic mission refus signs is varied. But roughly nothing more than following a few kinds:
Material not all ready. Diplomatic mission is the element influence to visa to reduce a person as far as possible, proclaimed in writing set the requirement to application material. If application material is not neat, regular meeting asks refus of filling material even is signed.
Material is truthless. When diplomatic mission is being examined, the data that should affirm place is offerred is real. If think material is truthless, can be signed by refus 100 percent.
Purpose going abroad is ambiguous, after going abroad, may be engaged in applying for the activity with visa abhorrent content with place, hold visa of short-term business affairs to visit one's family for instance, after arriving outside the condition, stop etc. Visa official makes such judgement, the likelihood is a basis the following reason: The applicant is mixed in domestic position income is too low, can be attracted by working opportunity place of abroad; The applicant is too young, careless, stop the possibility outside the condition is larger; Applicant family economic atmosphere is bad, the living conditions outside the condition can have powerful appeal to wait a moment to him.

The realest now problem is: How to after was refus signed, remedy? Those who need a specification is: The refus that sees commonly signs an order, should say exactly " accept an order " . Meaning had accepted application namely, but did not grant visa. On the passport once was built " accept an order " , more or less to meet to the visa henceforth influential, because visa official takes a lid to have " accept an order " when the passport, the first thought is for certain: Why to grant visa last? But lid " accept an order " possible reason has lots and lots of, want to find out a reason only so, still can fill neat material sends a label again.
Find out refus to sign an account, can not be a breeze. Can be guessed sometimes only, go inference, judged by experience and common sense. Diplomatic mission won't solve refus to sign reason to applicant patience commonly. Refus autograph is not the country such as United States bay after the application of immigrant visa, given answer is machine-made: Prove without enough evidence you can return your country. What say normally namely have emigrant tendency. This is one makes an applicant feel do not wear the answer of brains. How many person protests: I am in home such and such, do not come back how possibly? After some applicants are signed by refus, what block up in the heart is confused, ask embassy with respect to ground of again and again, the result got final answer: Because I think to be done so,my refus signs you is the meeting is advantageous to the country of myself. This is the argument that ghost ability accepts.
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