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2011 Australia business migration will follow up
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In 2010, global investment immigrants price adjustment threshold, comparison, Australia's advantage is more prominent. 2003 Australian business migration policies implemented since the applicant for at least as long as the investment of 7.5 million Australian dollars (about 45 million RMB) business in Australia will be able to successfully get their green card. April 19 this year, despite the introduction of the business migration Australia, New Deal, but the range and scope of adjustment is very small, on the past, business migration Australia, the main groups - small and medium business owners, has little impact. The requirements of the New Deal's immigration application is the amount of personal assets increase from 25 million Australian dollars to 50 million Australian dollars (about 300 million yuan), and now Canada, Singapore and other countries in the hundreds of million yuan of assets, the amount of investment required and the requirements of compared to Australia's business migration to the personal assets, the provisions of company size are relatively small. Business investment in its number of immigrants not hard and fast rules, this is not difficult to see that Australia's business migration and investment in the amount of personal assets compared to other countries of immigration requirements, advantages are very obvious. This year, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, business migrants have prices, Singapore is also clear from the beginning on January 1 next year, will greatly enhance the investment threshold. The number of Australian quota has not increased the number of applicants is increasing, it can be expected that Australia will be business immigrants with up. In this, the majority of Australian stars Reminder immigrants intending investors in Australian business immigration program, Australia has been on the abolition of the 165 types of investments, in addition to the number of applicants over 90% of the 163 business owners category requirements will substantially increase, if required must be accounted for 30% of the shares, with sales to reach 50 million Australian dollars (about 300 million yuan). The temporary residence requirements for permanent residency will transfer a substantial increase, estimated to be from the current 7.5 million Australian dollars (about 45 million yuan) suddenly increased to 25 million Australian dollars (about 150 million yuan). The policy adjustment is likely to January 1 next year or even earlier announced. Therefore, we recommend investors to immigration authorities and professional touch, abreast of the latest immigration policy direction, to avoid adversely affected the best time of immigration. In fact, the ease of migration, employment, weather conditions, Australia than in Britain, the United States and Canada to be much stronger. Australia's unemployment rate was only 5.5% (normal structural unemployment), together with small but efficient world-renowned universities, mild climate, bright sunshine, pleasant environment, diverse culture, comprehensive social security, which are destined to remain successful in Australia's first choice for immigrants. In addition, all along, Australian business migration is one of Australia's most successful star is a classic immigrant projects, the annual migration through the Austar customers successful business migrants in Australia accounted for 1 / 4. In our experience, most likely in Australia in January or March next year, announced price increases, will give the applicant will bring a very big impact. Therefore, we again remind you warm at this stage is the perfect time to migrate to Australia, with the intention of the applicants should promptly seize that opportunity.