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Canadian Immigration Expert Canada Business immigration categories in detail a
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Canadian Immigration Canadian business immigration specialist categories in detail analysis, sound and pragmatic immigration policy in Canada, annual number of new immigrants landing more than 20 million, while the way migration is even more dazzling. In addition to federal investment immigration, there are nine provinces in the provincial nominee program. So, what exactly Canada's business immigration category? The face of "variety" of the immigration program, how to choose? To this end, the author interviewed and business immigration consultants Wang Xinhai Chen Zhaoxu and other professionals. Detailed analysis business immigration category Canada as a nation of immigrants, immigrants have a wide variety of projects, many immigrants who intend no choice. Would like to immigrate to Canada, must first figure out the entire Canadian immigration category, pick and choose projects that best suit their circumstances, to improve the success rate of the results. Currently, there are business class immigration Canadian immigration, the technology migration, family reunion migrants and other types of class immigrants. Among them, the commercial class applications for the largest number of immigrants are also the most complex class of immigrants. Canada Business Immigration according to the application of different channels can be divided into three categories: Investment Immigration (Federal / Quebec), the Federal Entrepreneur, Provincial Nominee Program. ■ Investment Immigration: Canada's business migration is mainly for personal net worth of more solid, have their own company or as a corporate senior management positions in the business community, but also a lot more value to obtain permanent residence status is not willing to give up the country's business elite choose up business immigration program one. Delivery of parts according to different places, and was divided into federal and Quebec Immigrant Investor investors. ■ Federal Entrepreneur: Entrepreneur Canada Canadian Business Immigration Program is the only study based on the federal government will review the applicant by issuing a conditional immigrant visa for permanent residence, a successful applicant to start a business in 3 years the unconditional permanent residence visa issued. Since we can not directly obtain unconditional permanent residence visas, those who choose this immigration plan is relatively small. ■ Provincial Nominee Program: So far, almost every province, the provincial nominee program has its own immigration program. All applications for the Provincial Nominee Program applicants are required to meet immigration requirements under the provincial government, the provincial government approval, the federal will process the application. One asset requirements, business management experience, investment and investment projects by the provincial government decision. Under the Immigration Ordinance, in the case of the provincial government approved the nomination of the federal government is to perform background security investigation and medical examination procedures. Project Clean Sweep hot Canada / Quebec Immigrant Investor: In general, Quebec, Canada, investments and investment immigrants immigration immigration program since the two requirements, conditions are similar, but different ways to submit, so these two items listed together. Basic Requirements: Must successfully operating a business or leadership, with more than 3 years of management experience; personal assets of 80 million yuan; assets to invest 40 million Canadian dollars. For the applicants qualifications, language requirements are relatively low, but for a longer cycle. Prince Edward Island Nominee Program: Canadian Federal Government and the provincial government of Prince Edward Island in March 2001 signed an agreement to grant the province the right to nominate immigrants. From February 2007 onwards, the project announced the suspension of 2 months, new cases will not be accepted. But from the beginning of this year on April 16, the provincial government and re-start the project, the background conditions and the applicant made an application for partial adjustment. It is understood, the Shanghai skyline private immigration consulting Services Limited will be the afternoon of May 16 held in Hanzhong Plaza, 17th floor, Prince Edward Island special boutique Talk "Love Province, the project re-open conference." Basic requirements: household net worth over 40 million Canadian dollars; nearly 10 years, more than 3 years as a legal entity, the shareholders, the experience of middle management positions or above, active or passive investment 20 million Canadian dollars. Prince Edward Island Nominee Program has three major advantages: low asset requirements, sources explained simply; management experience, do not ask; exempt from English proficiency requirements. New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program: New Brunswick low asset requirements, investment offers, fast speed and the application procedures are becoming more popular one of the ways Canadian business immigrants. Basic requirements: the applicant in the past 10 years have at least 3 years experience in business or management; the whole family must have not less than 35 million Canadian dollars of property; investment in New Brunswick in Canada, about 12 million Canadian dollars or so. Four questions to help you choose immigration program At present, most of the applications on the market is Canada's business immigration, but generally speaking, the Canadian business immigrants, including nine provincial nominee program (some may have been suspended), the Federal and Quebec Immigrant Investor, the Federal Entrepreneur. Face of so many immigrants project, many people interested in immigrating to Canada do not know how to choose? Experts, each project has its own pros and cons of immigration, and immigration is not a perfect program, funding requirements may be other aspects of the high requirements of low, low capital requirements and other requirements may be relatively high, but in the selection, not blind choice, and to grasp the four principles. First, the number of assets required? In selecting projects, the most in need pay attention to the article. Federal and Quebec's investment immigration, high demand for the assets, you need 80 million Canadian dollars, and part of the provincial nominee program requirements are relatively low, generally only need 25 million -40 million in Canadian dollars. Second, the application costs how much? This is one of the applicant to care about the selection criteria. Because the federal and Quebec immigrant investor need to invest relatively large amounts, so the corresponding cost is relatively high, general, costs for the nearly 90 million yuan, while the provincial nominee program cost less, just more than 40 million yuan. Third, the availability of English language ability and qualifications? While the Federal and Quebec's investment in investment funds and application migration costs much higher than the provincial nominee program, but the former is the requirement of English proficiency is very low, almost no requirements, which generally need to have basic English skills. Requirements for education, the federal and Quebec, little investment in immigration requirements, and requirements of the provincial nominee program is relatively higher. Fourth, place of residence requirements? Federal and Quebec Immigrant Investor no residency requirements, freedom of residence in the territory, but most of the provincial nominee program has residency requirements, the applicant in the application, prefer to pick the province's Provincial Nominee residential projects. 24-hour VIP Expert Hotline: 13691318477,13120269886 free advice hotline :400 -610-8118 Normal work from Monday to Saturday, please call here; every Saturday that will be welcome to attend VIP Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. 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