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Canadian Immigration Canada China the largest number of business immigrants
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According to Immigration Department statistics, the Canadian business immigration applicants who are the top three are China, Taiwan and South Korea. Free study abroad free immigration evaluation form Evaluation Form However, the Department of Immigration Canadian immigration officials acknowledged in the case of the Canadian business immigration cases, the assessment document is usually the biggest challenge. In particular, many local business owners in South Korea, in order to compete with rivals in the market Had to follow local practices for tax evasion, the Canadian Immigration Act, the Canadian business immigration applicants must demonstrate that its net assets were lawfully acquired, but to the Canadian immigration is very difficult to judge this document Some commercial experience of the applicant meet this requirement. Canadian Embassy in Beijing before the officials lamented, Chinese business immigration applicants file fraud seriously, it is difficult to judge the authenticity of their business experience and whether lawfully acquired assets. South Korea officials also pointed out that the characteristics of South Korean business immigration applicants than skilled migrants, including age, and most have children studying in Canada; They are mainly doctors, dentists, practitioners, business owners, or in the Managers of large enterprises. Officials also pointed out that there are about 50,000 Korean students studying in Canada, of which 48% of ESL, including admission to tertiary, including vocational schools, while 42% of primary and secondary students under the age of 18. They have 52% Select British Columbia, Ontario, 31% to 8% to Alberta. Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. Beijing Jakarta abroad Pacific Consultants Co., Ltd. Beijing Jakarta abroad is the largest, most powerful international immigration consulting firm, the company has been established more than 10 years to get the support of community friends, the first in 2002 Ministry of Public Security issued by the approved private immigration qualifications. Has a network of global integration of immigrants. As the first Chinese immigrants to enter the international service market, Pacific Jakarta with more than ten years experience in immigration services, senior foreign expert advisory team and a strong partner, effectively ensure that the Chinese visitors The high success rate of households visas. The first "full immigration services system", leading the development of the industry, with strong foreign resources, provide follow-up service, so you have no worry, immigrant life easier!