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Plan to set " make component " make meaning political party put forward immigran
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Last week the new policy that party of Italian northward alliance once formulated a concerned immigrant to manage habitat, central content is to resemble car driver's license undertaking making component in that way, and standards of grading is decided by Home Office and announce.

Specifically, the immigrant with each resident application must above all the mark with certain scrape up, serve as a foundation to obtain for instance very, must know the Italian of certain level, know Italy's basiccest law sets, abide by " citizen morality and emigrant ethic " ask to wait a moment. If society and Wu of classics be of use are taken an active part in in living phase, make contribution; Attend concerned immigrant confluence actively kind activity and study, OK still " earn " more marks. Contrary, the person that those have criminality, include those evade taxes evade payment of a taxes, the behavior of income of make a false report, disobey the doer such as highway code even, can be deducted mark; Once the mark of hold settler is achieved 5 the following, relevant staff must play a kind of thought to teach study class, enter the job with service society, with undertaking redeeming. If resident mark is decreased 0, this person will be abolished resident and consistent quarter repatriate.

Boule vice-chairman (northward alliance) Lorenzo Bodega emphasizes: Afore-mentioned our proposals " be ensure the society is safer one kind suggest with what suit emigrant confluence more, it can urge the side with those emigrant active issues, reward those honest laborer and generator. " additional, he still offers another proposal: "The help is provided in those poor country locality, " its financing source is " circulating fund of immigrant of knowledge of Home Office precaution " , and this one capital will by the taxation of each emigrant consign (each 200 euro) .

Offer alliedly in the light of north, a lot of labor organizations of Italian express to this is " unreasonable " proposal, they put forward " Italy has existed about the law that solves illegal immigrant, need to be carried out effectively only. A lot of immigrant seek working opportunity in our country, conscientiously ground works, and a lot of industries cannot lack immigrant, afore-mentioned policy can create a lot of obstacles to them. Afore-mentioned policy can create a lot of obstacles to them..