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Canadian province belongs to business migration
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Once the applicant obtains immigrant visa, the enterprise that must appoint in province government chooses half an year of job of a company on list, will hold the position of middle-level government position, the pay that acquires half an year at the same time 20, 000 add yuan.

Processing rate is very rapid, hand over in all application material after going up less than of a month, the applicant can be arranged interview, after interview a month can be informed to nominate to whether be obtained through, 6 months left and right sides can obtain immigrant visa.
Suffer what new Sikexia saves a government to invite, the applicant has organic meeting the commerce of a week of by a definite date investigates an activity in this province.
The immigrant visa that the applicant obtains is termless with what do not accept any restriction, that is to say the applicant does not need to establish in Canada in the future new company, also must not save in new Sikexia live.

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