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Pommy grading has entered the 2nd phase
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British Home Office will announce grading of immigrant of labor of concerned " technology to make the more detailed material of " on May 6. Believe new measure will decrease commonly from area of EEA Europe economy (namely European Union and Norway, Icelandic, Liezhiduishideng) the number of technical labor immigrant that the area beyond reachs England. Stipulate all employer must prove to cannot be inside England and European economy area invite applications for a job is proper labor, ability applies for from abroad invite applications for a job.

According to the BBC (BBC) report, this is the 2nd level that grading of technical labor immigrant makes, british Home Office will make grading with respect to the applicant's qualifications and record of service and firewood fulfil foreground, the lowermost mark that the applicant must gain a regulation and the company takes England of get at of the collection ability that recruit to work.

British Home Office says, came in September 2006 between September 2007, share 65000 technologies immigrant to come from the place beyond European economy area, 8000 immigrant can decrease below new system. Home Office expresses, if already implemented this measure last year, it is OK to come from the emigrant amount beyond European economy area to answer decrease 12% .

Home Office emphasizes, new system is to should ensure the industry that lacks a labor most in England, ability can recruit abroad technology worker, an independent committee will suggest to high-level official which kind of industries have labor shortage.

Grading of British technology immigrant makes the first phase was carried out in Feburary 2008, basically emigrate in the light of advanced technology now is the 2nd phase, center at technical labor, will announcing the emigrant provision of concerned student, youth and casual person later on.