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Carry out government of England of new emigrant system 8 years catchpenny elite
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End announced England to be new emigrant system of the foundation in order to assign a value last year. According to this one system, the foreign investor that hopes to enter England permissibly will must prove, they have 1 million pound at least (add up to 2 million dollar) capital can be consumed in England.

The new emigrant system of this Australia style will be carried out at next year, the purpose is European Union of blame of keep within limits (the afflux of employee of EU) country low technical ability.

Contrary, new system mixes first choice entrepreneur, financial outstanding person with ability the foreign major personage of high skill, for example scientist and outstanding engineer.

New system will emphasize young, fortune and professional aptitude. England will extend to all emigrant employee " biology identifying visa " , in order to check their identity, connect outstanding talent to also must pass a test even, prove they have good English level.

England is municipal chancellery Yaji Smith (Jacqui Smith) expresses: "New system will be mixed more simply transparent, the emigrant ability that ensures only England needs will to England work or learn. The emigrant ability that ensures only England needs will to England work or learn..

The hope after marrying to those and British citizen lives in British foreigner, england also announced stricter regulation.

7 years of autumn, british government encountered criticism. Before this, british obtain employment and annuities chancellery Han Peide (Peter Hain) admits, the government underestimated the amount of the foreigner that works in England. Go 10 years, amount of foreign nationality employee increased 1.1 million.

According to new emigrant system, low skill position predicts the citizen that will wait for country of European Union of other European Union by England or Poland and Lithuania to come fill. After joining an European Union from 2004, the citizen of Poland and Lithuania can enter British labour market freely.

Employer can recruit low skill employee from home of the allied country that be not Europe temporarily, but can engage fixed time only, and they must prove, england or the citizen of home of Europe allied country that accord with a qualification are insufficient this job, this is likely difficulty is very great.

The personage of high skill major of highest category and wealthy investor, will OK England is entered below the circumstance that does not have working contract.

But the employee that other accords with a qualification, for example nurse and technician, before the country that leaves oneself, must apply for working license, return at the same time must eligible British employer offers them to work.