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England invests emigrant project introduction
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Investment demand:

1.1.05 million pound invests in England (about 15.75 million RMB) , among them at least 750 thousand pound is used at buying 5 years period British government bond, after expiring, can call in entirely capital and accrual. Or,

2.The financing loan that chooses to collect abundant bank to offer serves: Investment cannot return returned 170 thousand pound (about 2.55 million RMB) .

■ handle main demand:

1.Advocate applicant must year full above of 18 one full year of life,

2.Have individual net assets to exceed 2 million pound (about 30 million RMB) ,

3.The plan regards his as main living country England.

■ application process and cycle:

1.Connect newly evaluate applicant competence freely;

2.Sign entrust agreement, the applicant provides relevant individual data;

3.The bank that collect abundant entrusts group of adviser of TRAG(England risk) investigation applicant setting;

4.Conduction England visits visa, go to England to make an on-the-spot investigation, open bank account;

5.The applicant completes investment;

6.Submit emigrant application to British diplomatic and consular missions;

7.British Home Office is approved beforehand, the applicant obtains visa;

8.The applicant obtains 2 years period resident licence.

■ resident delay requirement:

Advocate the applicant lives every year in England above of full half an year, resident licence can adjourn 3 years; The applicant lives in England permanent and resident license can be obtained after 5 years completely (ILR) or application naturalization.

■ application notice:

1.Advocate the applicant can carry spouse and 18 years old of the following and maiden children to file green card together;

2.Advocate the applicant's child can enjoy free education in England;

3.Advocate the free medical treatment that applicant and its family can enjoy England;

4.The age is in 18 to 64 years old of applicants between, must attend when applying for permanent and resident license " the life is in England " English takes an exam;

■ project advantage:

1.Without asset source requirement: The applicant need not offer document of Wu of trival and intricate finance affairs, duty in order to prove its asset source, application document is very simple;

2.Need not manage experience: The applicant need not have any administrative experience. Accordingly, connubial both sides is OK and optional one party is made give priority to an applicant to apply for. Or, if year full grown children of 18 years old reads in England, can reach asset move this children under one's name, make by its next give priority to an applicant to apply for emigrant England, with enjoying tuitional and favourable policy directly;

3.The applicant's children can have more opportunity to enter famous brand university to be read with the identity of British citizen;

4.Right advocate the applicant does not have the age, record of formal schooling, english requirement;
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