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England invests emigrant new policy
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Hold to long history and old tradition, british education is phyletic and all ready, the structure is complete, educational level is alive on the bound first bend

Point to. British higher education only then at 700 old before, pay attention to the development of the research of fundamental theory and new and high technology all the time, already was the whole world

Education gives many 90 nobel prize gainer and countless man of the time. because of this, all the time since, pay attention to the China that children teachs more very much

Successful personage is full of to emigrant England yearning, but suffer from England does not have more likely emigrant item so and must give u. Now,

The dream of a lot of people eventually will be able to come true: British Home Office revised original England to invest emigrant project at the near future, offer for compatriots

the golden key of the door of open Europe.

Once this project is rolled out, because its exceed rapid cognizance rate and extremely simple file requirement,caused personage of elite of social all circles

eager attention.

Without asset source, be in business administrative experience requirement

The lawful origin that traditional Canada, Australia invests emigrant project to ask the applicant explains place declares asset, but, as a result of in

The special national condition that the country develops, a lot of applicants cannot offer complete asset source proof, if audit report, income tax duty is only,wait. Flower

The country invests immigrant to have other on this a kind of any advantages that invest emigrant project to cannot be likened to, this project is not had to asset source

Strict requirement, ask to offer asset to prove only can. And, to the asset that declares, can be a too successive, donative, negotiable securities

A kind of any forms such as battalion of buying and selling of investment, futures, knack of doing business are obtained, the requirement is very agile.

Same, traditional Canadian investment immigrant and Australian investment immigrant ask advocate the classics that the applicant has at least 3 years of above to succeed

Business manages experience, also mean advocate the company that the applicant must run a profit in the round exceeds 3 years, and England invests immigrant to

Be in business administrative experience does not have any requirements, as long as year full 18 one full year of life can be made give priority to an applicant put forward England to invest emigrant application.

Can choose freely advocate applicant

Investing emigrant project to do not have asset source and administrative experience requirement because of England, so, connubial both sides is OK and optional one party is made

Give priority to an applicant to offer application. And, if the family is medium already year full grown children of 18 years old already studied abroad in England, can go to capital transfer ownership

This children under one's name, make by its next give priority to an applicant to apply for emigrant England alone. Need only after application is successful advocate the applicant is in every year flower
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