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England invests immigrant: New shortcut of immigrant of business circles elite
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2006 first half of the year, basis of British Home Office admits need, revised original England to invest emigrant project, opened convenient door for England of Chinese applicant immigrant for the first time. Brand-new once roll out,England invests emigrant project, exceed rapid cognizance rate and the eager attention that exceed simple condition to asked to cause personage of elite of social all circles with its, already became the new shortcut with business circles abroad and emigrant elite.

Investment immigrant advantage is distinct

Without asset source requirement. British investment immigrant has other on this a kind of any advantages that invest emigrant project to cannot be likened to, because this project does not have strict requirement to asset source, ask to offer asset to prove only can. And the asset that declares can be to pass the legal form such as investment of successive, donative, negotiable securities to obtain.

Without be in business administrative experience requirement. England invests immigrant to manage experience to do not have any requirements to be in business, as long as year full 18 one full year of life can be made give priority to an applicant put forward England to invest emigrant application.

Can choose freely advocate applicant. Investing emigrant project to do not have asset source and administrative experience requirement because of England, so, connubial both sides is OK and optional one party is made give priority to an applicant to offer application. If the home is middleaged full grown children of 18 years old already studied abroad in England, can go to capital transfer ownership this children under one's name, make by its give priority to an applicant to apply for emigrant England alone.

Application cycle is very fast. The application cycle with British emigrant investment is very fast, from the file preparation begins to take living visa to have 3 only finally - the time of 4 months, among them, the time that handles in the immigration office is only 4 - 6 weeks.

Enjoy British welfare directly. Once British investment immigrant applies for to succeed, the client begins to enjoy England immediately all favorable welfare treatment, include to teach welfare, countryman be good at protect a system to serve (NHS) , children and pregnant woman welfare, disable / disease welfare, emeritus welfare, unemployed welfare.

British nationality can be obtained after 5 years. After emigrating 5 years, want a client to satisfy certain living requirement only, can apply for to become British citizen. England allows dual nationality.

Typical case labor

Case one: Some school is in England school student

This applicant begins to read in England from high school, british name school reads undergraduate course now, parents runs a large company in home, capital is abundant. Its parents deals with emigrant main purpose is to let the child enjoy educationally welfare in England, solve its immigrant identity at the same time.
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